Nadezhdin will file three lawsuits in the Supreme Court after refusal to register for elections

Nadezhdin will file three lawsuits in the Supreme Court after refusal to register for elections

Boris Nadezhdin, who ran for president from the Civil Initiative party, announced plans to file three lawsuits in the Supreme Court after the Central Election Commission (CEC) refused to register for the elections. He will file two claims today, one more, and the main one - before February 16.

“I am filing three lawsuits in the Supreme Court. The main one is about challenging the refusal to register. Living people left signatures in my support. Many signatures were rejected due to a slight discrepancy between the address in the passport and the Ministry of Internal Affairs certificate,” wrote Boris Nadezhdin in Telegram.

According to Boris Nadezhdin, in order to challenge registration refusals and inconsistencies, it is necessary to contact thousands of citizens throughout Russia. However, he stressed that this will take time. In this regard, the main lawsuit will be filed before February 16. He will file two other claims - to challenge the form of the statement and to challenge the form of the notary list of collectors - today, February 12.

CEC refused in registering Boris Nadezhdin as a candidate for the post of president on February 8. The decision was made unanimously by the commission. Based on the results of the audit, the CEC declared 9,147 signatures in support invalid and 95,587 signatures valid. Boris Nadezhdin called the decision to refuse registration of the candidate as expected.

The Central Election Commission has already completed registration of candidates and approved newsletter. For the first time since 2008, there are only four candidates on the ballot. In 2018 there were eight of them.

The presidential candidate from the New People party, Vladislav Davankov, registered by the Central Election Commission, promised to present his program by February 15. It will include theses that are close in spirit to “New People”, but prepared by other politicians who were not included in the ballot, including Boris Nadezhdin.

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