Medvedev called for the elimination of Ukrainian leaders involved in the terrorist attack in Crocus

Medvedev called for the elimination of Ukrainian leaders involved in the terrorist attack in Crocus


Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev stated the need to eliminate the political leaders of Ukraine if Kyiv’s involvement in the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall is revealed. He also called Ukraine a de facto terrorist state. According to him, discussions about the official recognition of the country as such are scholastic.

“Ukraine is already a terrorist state that freely kills its own and other people’s citizens without consequences. He kills in cities and trenches, he even kills in prisons. This is obvious even to nasty fish-faced British women and senile men in large sneakers for stability on the White House lawn,” Mr. Medvedev wrote in his Telegram-channel.

According to the deputy chairman of the Security Council, if evidence of Ukraine’s involvement in the terrorist attack is discovered, this will still not entail proceedings in the International Criminal Court and the UN. There, Mr. Medvedev claims, Ukraine’s interests will be protected by its Western allies.

“What to do? Yes, just chop up Bandera’s pigs, as the USSR MGB did valiantly after the war. And the leaders should be eliminated at the right opportunity,” he concluded.

After the terrorist attack in Crocus, which killed 144 people, Russia announced possible links between terrorists and Ukraine. So, according to the FSB, the terrorists were trying to get to the Ukrainian border when they were detained. Russian Foreign Intelligence Service believesthat the United States is deliberately trying to remove suspicions of a terrorist attack from Kyiv. The Russian Foreign Ministry said on March 31 that Ukraine was connected with the attack on Crocus. Ukrainian authorities deny any connections with the terrorist attack. The White House adheres to the same version.

About the investigation of the terrorist attack – in the material “Kommersant” “The terrorist attack will bring it to Kyiv”.

Evgeny Belousov


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