Kartapolov assessed the drone attack on Tatarstan

Kartapolov assessed the drone attack on Tatarstan


Deputy Kartapolov admitted that Tatarstan attacked a light aircraft from the territory of Ukraine

Head of the Duma Defense Committee Andrei Kartopolov in a conversation with “Gazeta.Ru” stated that the UAVs that attacked Tatarstan were “unambiguously” launched from the territory of Ukraine.

He clarified that now it is necessary to understand what kind of drones they were, “what type and what they were.”

“According to videos that have appeared online, the drone looks more like a light aircraft. It remains to understand in what version it was used: unmanned or manned,” Kartapolov noted.

According to him, a light aircraft has some advantages over UAVs. In particular, it can fly lower, can go around the forest and pass through hollows and ravines.

“It is difficult to detect with traditional air defense systems. Moreover, its range is much greater than that of a drone,” Kartopolov emphasized.


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