“It’s boring without Western investors” – Kommersant FM

“It’s boring without Western investors” – Kommersant FM

During the plenary session of the VTB Russia Calling forum, Vladimir Putin answered a question about the prospect of returning investors from the USA and Europe. According to the head of state, he is optimistic about this; common sense will prevail sooner or later. In addition to meeting with business, the president held talks with Crown Prince Aman and the leader of Iran. Earlier, within one day, Vladimir Putin visited the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Kommersant FM political commentator Dmitry Drize believes that the return of Western capital may be delayed.

The final question that was asked to Vladimir Putin during the plenary session of the VTB Russia Calling forum sounded something like this: how does the president see the meeting room in ten years? Will American and Western European investors return?

The head of state replied that investors are smarter than those who command them, so common sense will definitely prevail. Since they are present, as it were, invisibly on the forum, we will find a common language with them. The president seems to be optimistic about this, although, according to him, we are doing just fine without our former partners. Everything is fine with us, Russia is not a “gas station”: economic indicators are growing, and so are wages. We are entering the new year with confidence.

Next, Vladimir Putin went to negotiations with the leader of Iran. During the meeting, it was, in particular, noted that relations between the two countries are developing well and dynamically. And previously, the Russian president spoke with the Crown Prince, Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports of the Sultanate of Oman Ziyazan Bin Haitham Al Said, asking, in particular, to convey “the best wishes to his father, the Sultan of Oman.”

Vladimir Putin has just returned from a short tour, visiting Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Countries are ready to cooperate with us. Scientifically, this is called a “rich international agenda”, that is, we are not in isolation in any way.

And yet, I would like to agree with the Russian President in that investors from the unfriendly West are indeed invisibly present on numerous Russian discussion and other platforms, not only on the VTB forum. You can put it another way: sometimes it seems that they are here, they just went out the door on some urgent matter, literally for a minute, and will return right now. But this does not happen, although it is clearly boring without them, and no one hides this.

Maybe this will pass with time, because sooner or later everything passes and is forgotten. Man is such a creature that he can get used to everything. But so far it’s not working. And maybe this is the main message - the door remains open, the veil will fall, and everything will be as before.

Forums with beautiful moderators - American and British TV presenters, pressing questions, English speech will be heard everywhere. And everything will be as before.

What if the epiphany lasts not for ten years, but for more? This is firstly, and secondly, what to do with new friends and partners? It’s not a fact that they will react well to this.

And here we come to the most important thing - the turnaround has, in fact, taken place, and it will be inconvenient to go back. However, let’s not make any guesses if everything is already good.

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