It became known how the Ukrainian acoustic network for catching “Geraniums” works

It became known how the Ukrainian acoustic network for catching “Geraniums” works


“Skvoreshniki” with software

Technical details of the construction in Ukraine of an acoustic system for detecting Russian drones “Geran-2” in the air have become known. One of the Ukrainian subscribers of the Fighterbomber channel reported them. This information, of course, should be taken into account by those in the Russian General Staff who are planning massive Geranium raids on targets deep behind enemy lines.

Long-range kamikaze drones “Geran-2” have become a headache for Ukrainian air defense. They are responsible for dozens of destroyed important military installations in almost all regions of Ukraine. In the last massive raids, 40-50 Geraniums were used, which attacked targets from different directions.

Compared to the hypersonic “Daggers” and “Zircons”, “Geraniums” are slow-moving. In addition, their engines can be heard well. The drones are nicknamed “mopeds” for their characteristic sound. It was precisely this feature of propeller-driven drones that Ukraine decided to use for timely detection, creating a unified acoustic system.

The commander of the US Air Force in Europe, General James Hecker, recently blabbed about this Ukrainian “know-how”. He said that in order to fight the Geraniums, an audio intelligence network has been deployed on the territory of Ukraine. It brings together 8,000 mobile phones that are installed on towers. The common network includes a command center, where all information about the flight of the “mopeds” flows.

The processed information is sent to mobile air defense units to intercept drones. “Roaming” anti-aircraft guns or coaxial machine guns travel to the desired area to meet the “Geraniums”.

Commenting on the revelations of the American military, military expert Andrei Klintsevi noted: “But thanks for this, we will now install silencers on the Geranium; previously there was no need for them.”

However, apparently, mufflers alone will not be enough. At the very least, new information about the operation of the Ukrainian air defense acoustic system makes us think about changing the timing of massive raids.

This is what a subscriber to our aviation channel said. According to him, each of the 8,000 acoustic points is a “small birdhouse” knocked together from anything. Inside this design is an installed powerful battery (charger), a cheap smartphone or several. And external directional microphones are connected to them via a special adapter.

Such structures are installed on roofs, pipes, towers, or on poles so that you can climb and, if something happens, check the phone and replace the battery.

At the same time, according to our well-wisher, smartphones “wake up” when a sound source approaches. They are programmed to sound like a “moped”. And immediately they begin to transfer data to a single server. The operator is the Kyivstar company with a corporate tariff and unlimited Internet access.

And then the most valuable observation: since in almost all regions of Ukraine there is a curfew from 00:00, there is silence in the forests and outside the city at night. Since raids are usually carried out at night, there is no extraneous noise or it is kept to a minimum.

So, what conclusions could be drawn from this data? Well, first of all, you should probably think about using “Geraniums” before the curfew starts, well, or after it. Well, and secondly: why, in fact, is Kyivstar still functioning? Do we care about his income? This is about the next goals for our “Geraniums”.


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