Irish Prime Minister Varadkar lied that he “played along” with pranksters

Irish Prime Minister Varadkar lied that he “played along” with pranksters

Vovan and Lexus spoke about the lies of the Prime Minister of Ireland

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar lied when he said he was being “played along” by pranksters. This was stated by pranksters Lexus (Alexey Stolyarov) and Vovan (Vladimir Kuznetsov).

Let us remember that Varadkar previously said that his office had changed its procedures regarding calls after being pranked by pranksters from Russia Vovan and Lexus. In December, during a conversation with them, the Irish Prime Minister was unable to explain the difference between the self-determination of Crimea and Kosovo.

Varadkar noted that he does not know Kosovo history and details, but at the same time he is sure that the reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation “went wrong.” Among other things, he said that he “played along” with Russian pranksters and immediately became suspicious about the nature of the call.

“I think these are all wasted words for the audience. Like, everything is fine with us, we are trying to improve our security policy. In fact, how these pranks go is how they will go,” noted pranker Vovan.

According to him, it is hardly possible to change the procedures at the moment, since they have existed for decades.

“It’s very good that he had so much time to play along with us. Very playful, like everyone else,” added Vovan.

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