In Ukraine, cherries rose in price to 3,000 rubles per kilo

In Ukraine, cherries rose in price to 3,000 rubles per kilo

Spanish instead of Melitopol

By the end of May, prices for many products in Ukraine decided to break records. And the first fruit that is ready to become inaccessible to our families is the cherry. In Kyiv markets, it is sold for 750 hryvnia (1642 rubles), for 900 hryvnia. (1970 rubles) and 1200 UAH. (2627 rubles). The cost increases as you get closer to the city center.

Those who are richer order cherries from Spain with free home delivery using the online store service. In this case, you have to pay almost one and a half thousand hryvnias (3283 rubles) per kilogram. However, those from Kiev, who for some reason ended up in Transcarpathia these days, can feast on Mukachevo cherries for 600 UAH. (1313 rubles).

Perhaps the main reason that provoked an unprecedented jump in the cost of your favorite berry is the unfavorable weather that lasted this spring in most Ukrainian regions for a long time. In orchards, it was just right to grow not cherries and cherries, but rice. All visible space was flooded with water.

In April and early May, that is, during the pollination period, it rained everywhere and winds blew, the weather was cold in almost all Ukrainian regions. Because of this, the vegetation process was delayed. There are berries from Spain, Turkey, Egypt. But, since there is no air service in the country, and sea transportation is limited to the "grain corridor", delivery routes become logistically difficult.

In addition, most of the gardens remained in the new regions of Russia.

The most delicious, the so-called premium, is the cherry from the Sea of ​​\u200b\u200bAzov. Specifically, from the Melitopol region, which has now become part of Russia.

In general, as Ukrainian experts in the agricultural sector calculated, due to the complete inaccessibility of the southern regions famous for cherry orchards, Ukraine lost almost half of the forecasted berry harvest last year.

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