FT: EU deadlocked in discussing Russian oil price ceiling

EU countries are at an impasse and are trying to resolve their differences in the discussion of Russian oil prices, the newspaper reported. The Financial Times (FT) citing sources. The European Commission is pushing for a $65 per barrel oil price ceiling, while Poland and some other countries are demanding a lower price.

According to the FT, Poland insists that the EC's proposed ceiling of $65 per barrel is "extremely high" compared to the actual cost of Russian oil production. Poland argues that the lower ceiling is needed to cut Russia's oil revenues.

At the same time, Cyprus, Malta and Greece want to set a higher ceiling in order to keep oil trade with Russia. As the newspaper notes, most likely this position will be supported in the USA.

Restrictions against Russian oil should come into force on December 5, and on oil products from February 5. Earlier, the US Treasury assumed that oil prices would be capped at $40-60 per barrel. Poland and the Baltic states are demanding a price cap of $30 per barrel. How wrote CNN, the price cap is unlikely to affect Russia's revenue. In the Kremlin spokethat they will stop trading oil with countries that will set a ceiling on energy prices.

About the discussions around the marginal price - in the material "Kommersant" "The oil ceiling continues to be discussed".

Olesya Pavlenko

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