Estonia announced the inability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to contain Russia

Estonia announced the inability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to contain Russia


Estonian Colonel Janno Märk: The Ukrainian Armed Forces will not hold the line of combat contact with the available resources

Colonel of the Estonian Armed Forces Janno Märk, in a conversation with the portal of the Estonian state television broadcaster ERR, said that Ukraine, without help from the United States, will have to either retreat or give up certain territories, since with the resources Kiev has, it will be very difficult to maintain the current line of combat contact.

According to Märk, if US military assistance does not increase, then Ukraine will still have to retreat, give up certain territories or reduce the line of combat contact. The colonel explained this by saying that given its current length, it will be very difficult for Kyiv to maintain it with its current resources.

The ERR interlocutor pointed out that without military assistance, Ukraine finds itself in a critical situation in terms of air defense (air defense) and artillery shells, which, in turn, complicates the position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) on the front line. Speaking about the difficult situation with Ukrainian air defense, Märk noted that these systems cannot now be used on the line of combat contact, since they are used to protect populated areas and critical infrastructure.

The colonel also admitted that Russian troops have the initiative on the battlefield and maintain the pace of the offensive in various directions, while Kyiv is forced to switch to strategic defense.


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