Deputy Prime Minister Chernyshenko estimated the effect of introducing AI into the economy at 1 trillion rubles

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko estimates the effect of the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in the country's economy at 1 trillion rubles. in the coming years. He said this at the international conference "Journey to the World of Artificial Intelligence" (Artificial Intelligence Journey), reports Interfax.

According to Mr. Chernyshenko, the percentage of AI implementation in certain areas in large and medium-sized companies reaches 20%. The most active technologies using AI are being introduced in the transport sector, the Deputy Prime Minister added.

November 15 Dmitry Chernyshenko instructed federal executive authorities to submit a list of measures that will help remove barriers to the introduction of AI in sectors of the economy. The National Center for the Development of AI under the Government reported that by 2024 the percentage of AI implementation in the Russian economy is planned to increase from 20% to 50%.

Russian regions have begun to implement systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) more often. The number of such government contracts more than doubled in 2021 alone. According to Kommersant, while the acceleration of technology penetration is hampered by high expectations, a lack of personnel and funds for development, as well as the need to adapt solutions to the specifics of the region.

Read more about the implementation of AI in the regions of the Russian Federation - in the material "Kommersant" "Across the cities of AI villages".

Erdni Kagaltynov

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