Will fines help against spam calls?

Will fines help against spam calls?


Spam calls and dishonest advertising of loans will soon be subject to a fine of up to 1 million rubles, the amendments were approved by the Federation Council. Now so-called cold calling and other messages can be made only with the consent of the citizen to receive them. Otherwise, the company or individual will face punishment. And fines for unlawful advertising of loans, in particular for failure to indicate critical “additional conditions” and the full cost of the loan, will double, to a maximum of 1.6 million rubles.

How will this affect the situation with spam calls? Denis Kuskov, CEO of the analytical agency TelecomDaily, believes that their number will decrease slightly: “Consent can be given in handwritten form, for example, in a store you buy something and take a loyalty card, or it can be signed electronically, when you simply agree with certain processes , like, for example, when you install an application, and the company will collect some information and send you notifications.

From the point of view of the effectiveness of the law and punishment, several other points are important here. For the reason that if everything was done according to the law, everything would be clear: every telephone number must be assigned to some person or organization. But given that we still issue SIM cards without presenting a passport, then, naturally, finding such people is very difficult. And there will still be some kind of loophole that will allow them to send you spam and advertising in some other way: through central networks, instant messengers, or something else. Therefore, in theory, this should reduce the volume of spam, but no one will solve this problem 100%.”

According to experts, the average effectiveness of spam calls is about 10%. This is a lot, considering that cold calling is a very cheap tool, experts say. But due to the fact that it affects the entire audience, and not just the potential target, spam causes people more and more irritation, and its effectiveness will inevitably decrease. Therefore, it is possible that the introduction of fines will ultimately benefit not only citizens, but also businesses, believes Pavel Myasoedov, director of the IT-Reserve company: “As for fines, this legislative initiative needs to be put into effect.

How do the very common mechanics of these spam calls work? The organization itself does not set up calling; it turns to intermediaries, certain marketers who specialize in calling. Due to the fact that intermediaries very often interfere with the chain between the organization that wants to order advertising and the end client, low-quality settings are obtained. And the customer organizations don’t even fully understand how boring the spam marketing campaign they ordered was. Fines will encourage organizations to treat this more carefully and seriously, so this measure will be effective.”

It is assumed that the FAS will fine spammers. To complain about calls and messages, you will need to send an application to the antimonopoly agency by email, through a form on the website or by mail, attaching clarifying information.

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