The Ministry of Culture refused to rent the series "Monastery" due to insulting the feelings of believers

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation refused to issue a rental certificate to the Lunapark film company for the drama series Monastery with Anastasia Ivleeva in the title role. The Russian Orthodox Church believes that the series distorts ideas about Russian Orthodoxy. The release of the series has already taken place in the Kinopoisk online cinema, two episodes are available for viewing.

“The decision was made on the basis of subparagraph “g” of paragraph 18 of the Rules for issuing, refusing to issue and revoke a film distribution certificate. We are talking about an insult to the religious feelings of believers, ”they said. RBC in the department's press office.

According to the Ministry of Culture, the materials on the series were submitted for evaluation by the Russian Orthodox Church. Representatives of the church considered that "the script gives a distorted idea of ​​monastic life in the women's monasteries of the Russian Orthodox Church, and accordingly, forms an incorrect idea about Russian Orthodoxy."

The first episode of The Monastery was released in the Kinopoisk online cinema on November 19. As reported in Telegram channel platforms, over 250 thousand viewers watched the series in the first day - this is a record figure in the history of Kinopoisk. In the story, Maria, played by Anastasia Ivleeva, is hiding from bandits in an Orthodox monastery in northern Russia. The director of the project is Alexander Molochnikov. Actors Philip Yankovsky, Maria Mironova and Mark Eidelstein also played the leading roles in the series.

Lusine Balasyan

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