The January chart raised suspicions: no time for love, no time for hits

The January chart raised suspicions: no time for love, no time for hits

Who became the main music promoters

The past and the future collided in the first chart of the year. However, the hits of the past year are clearly not giving up yet, while new items, at least some of them, seem to have come off a not-so-technological assembly line. Even more surprising is the excitement around songs that are not the first freshness.

Streaming has radically changed music statistics, and now tracks that have long cooled down can return to the charts. Most often, this happens when a song ends up on the soundtrack of a popular TV series and the public rediscovers a composition that seems to have served its purpose. Something similar happened with the cover version of “At Dawn,” the monumental hit of “Alliance” in Basta’s version. The track has been available for a very long time, but the fashionable youth action movie has become a real locomotive not only for Basta, but also for “Aigel”, whose “Pyala” is still thundering from everywhere. In this strange situation, the only good thing is that over the years some songs do not get worse and may well compete with a fresh one.

Another streaming monster, “Smoky” by Itsyk Tsyper, did not make it onto the ZD chart, but at the moment is probably the main music meme. By the standards of the music business, an average blatnyak performed by almost a grandfather has been available for several months, but in January it received serious support. It so happens that lately the main music promoters here have become various public organizers, whose concern for the patriotic education of young people is accompanied by noisy demands to ban music that does not fit into this educational doctrine.

“Dymok” with its “smoke, well, it’s not like dung” turned out to be an excellent target, but the demand to ban this track in Russia, and then the emergence of rumors that the video was blocked in the local YouTube segment, provided the song with some kind of cosmic interest. As a result, this “Smoke” with a stale trail is sung by both schoolchildren and quite adult characters, which gives everything a completely paranormal flair. And also a reason to speculate about how average tastes go to hell, despite the availability of music products that do not raise doubts about their quality.

Gloomy forecasts about the musical revelry of artificial intelligence have not yet been supported by reliable statistics, but some new releases in January raise slight suspicions about their origin. It seems that in the tracks marked NEW there is a motley variety: from gloomy boyish readings of topical rappers to a cheerful pop hit. Nevertheless, some of the new sounds like the manipulation of an insidious machine.

Suddenly, this same artificial intelligence came up with the idea of ​​writing a song for Yulia Savicheva in the spirit of Polina Gagarina, and he convinced everyone that it would be cool. Wasn’t it the machine that turned the Russian words “Sing” from AVG and Macan into foreign words? It's good that the lyric video has interlinear lyrics. It’s probably better to drive these thoughts away and hope that the human mind will win in music too. But for such confidence, I would like to at least sometimes receive songs similar to human ones.

Published in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" No. 0 dated November 30 -0001

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No time for love, no time for hits

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