Qiwi Bank will distribute debts – Kommersant FM

Qiwi Bank will distribute debts – Kommersant FM

Owners of Qiwi wallets will be able to get their money back. The company, which lost its license, began accepting applications from clients. In the application form (the form is available on the website), you must indicate your data and account details for transferring money; the application is promised to be reviewed within 30 days. In total, Qiwi has more than 9 million electronic wallets, with almost 4.5 billion rubles hanging on them. The Deposit Insurance Agency promised to help holders; it estimated its liability to clients at 4.3 billion rubles. Almost 300 individuals, about 11 thousand individual entrepreneurs and 9 thousand legal entities will be able to receive insurance compensation.

Qiwi Bank managed to offer a convenient scenario for clients, noted Pavel Samiev, CEO of the BusinessDrom agency: “Of course, this news is very good, because it is much more convenient than sending by mail, paper applications, and so on. If we talk about the procedure, this does not change anything except immediate convenience.

This was expected, but it was probably really difficult to propose such a mechanism right away. Nevertheless, the clients were waiting for just such an opportunity, in principle, they announced that this scheme immediately began to be worked out, and, I believe, everything was organized quite quickly. Here, in fact, the question is fundamental, so that conscientious clients who have wallets do not suffer.”

Will Qiwi Bank be able to pay clients? Ivan Uklein, senior director for banking ratings at Expert RA, is confident that he can handle this; the credit institution has no hole in its balance sheet: “First, the deposit insurance agency settles with individual creditors within 1.4 million rubles, all other settlements will be made within the framework of the liquidation procedure of the credit institution. This, accordingly, is not fast and in theory there is no guarantee of return of these funds.

Although the Bank of Russia and the DIA have already stated that, according to their preliminary assessment, there is a cash surplus, that is, there is no so-called hole in capital, and all investors will be able to receive repayment of claims against Qiwi Bank. But it’s too early to talk about exact dates.”

The regulator revoked the license of Qiwi Bank on February 21, 2024. According to the Central Bank, he violated requirements in the field of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

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