New Year prices for smartphones will increase by 15–20% – Kommersant

New Year prices for smartphones will increase by 15–20% – Kommersant

New Year prices for smartphones will be 15–20% higher than last year. This is reported "Vedomosti" with reference to the forecast of the Wildberries platform selling electronics and data from operators Tele2 and Beeline. The average price of smartphones in December will be 26 thousand - 27 thousand rubles.

According to a Tele2 representative, the price is 24 thousand - 26 thousand rubles. — a positive forecast for the market for December. In December last year, the average price was 21,000 rubles. According to a representative of the operator, the average figure will increase due to prices for the iPhone 15 and foldable smartphones released this year. A Wildberries representative says that the main factor behind the rise in device prices was the rise in exchange rates.

This year, expensive folding models like Huawei Mate X5, OnePlus Open from BBK, as well as mid-price segment devices like Tecno Phantom V Flip entered the Russian market. In September, Apple introduced a line of four iPhone 15 models. A representative of M.Video-Eldorado says that expensive smartphone models traditionally become the most popular purchases by the end of the year.

According to electronics distributor FPlus, for 10 months of this year the average price of a smartphone in Russia was 23,600 rubles. The peak increase, associated with the fall in the ruble exchange rate, according to him, occurred in September - the figure rose to 25,700 rubles.

The average price for smartphones in the upper price segment, or A-brands, according to a representative of FPlus, increased in the second half of the year. The average price of Apple smartphones increased from 67,300 rubles. in January up to 75,700 rubles. in September. The price of Samsung smartphones over the same period increased from 34 thousand to 42,400 rubles.

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