banks will be forced to use “cooling” phrases in advertising loans – Kommersant

banks will be forced to use “cooling” phrases in advertising loans – Kommersant


Banks, microfinance organizations, as well as credit cooperatives want to oblige the use of “cooling” phrases in loan advertising. It is expected that thanks to this clients will be able to assess their capabilities and risks. This is reported “Vedomosti” with reference to a document developed by the FAS, the Association of Russian Banks (ADB) and the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (ACAR).

According to the authors, clarification regarding disclaimers in credit advertising is necessary so that advertising does not mislead citizens, and people do not make rash decisions and do not fall into credit bondage. The bill could be introduced into the lower house of parliament in one or two weeks.

The bill proposes to include in any advertising about financial products the cooling phrase: “Assess your financial capabilities and risks.” It is assumed that when advertising on TV or in commercials on the Internet, this phrase will occupy at least 5 seconds and at least 7% of the frame area, on radio – at least 5 seconds (spoken by voice), in other media channels – at least 7% area.

The financial sector is one of the largest advertisers on the Russian market. In 2023, advertiser costs in the field of “finance” amounted to 13% of the entire advertising market, refers to the assessment of the advertising agency PHD (part of the Media Direction Group) Vedomosti. Over the past year, the advertising market, according to ACAR, grew by 30% compared to 2022, to 730.7 billion rubles. (minus VAT).


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