Users of Huawei devices encountered difficulties when paying online

Users of Huawei devices encountered difficulties when paying online

The blocking of Qiwi Bank payments led to difficulties for Huawei smartphone users: as users began to write on social networks, they stopped carrying out transactions when paying for goods and services on the Internet or in their own App Gallery app store. At the moment, users write, the company offers them payment only through mobile operators.

A Kommersant source in the electronics market reported that payments in the Huawei app store in the Russian Federation actually went through acquiring Qiwi. However, he notes that in addition to this, in the application store of the Chinese corporation, you can pay for purchases from the operator’s subscriber account. “Moreover, we can expect that Huawei will soon connect to another Russian banking acquiring,” he said.

The bank’s website states that the Internet acquiring service was also provided to representatives of online businesses, retail outlets and small and medium-sized businesses. The bank charged a commission for payments from businesses, its volume depended on the segment (for the self-employed - 3.3%, etc.). A similar service, along with Qiwi Bank, is provided by, for example, PSB, MTS Bank, Alfa Bank and others.

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