Ultimate Education bought the International Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Ultimate Education bought the International Institute of Integrative Nutrition


The educational holding Ultimate Education has closed a deal to acquire the International Institute of Integrative Nutrition (MIIN), a company representative told Kommersant. The transaction amount is not disclosed. MIIN is a leading industry project in nutrition and health coaching, known in the market for its high quality of education, scientific and methodological base and a large community, says Managing Director of Ultimate Education Nikita Podlipsky.

We see a certain saturation in the IT courses segment (especially basic ones), so it is logical that companies are looking for new promising niches, says Daria Ryzhkova, founder of the Smart Ranking analytical agency. Now programs on nutritionology have been launched by Netology and Skillbox, the expert recalled. The assessment of projects on the market varies depending on many factors, including the size of the company, points out Daria Ryzhkova. According to her data, the valuation multiplier for niche EdTech projects on the market today is 0.5–1. Thus, the cost of the transaction could range from 164 million to 200 million rubles, she estimates.

According to Smart Ranking, the total revenue of the 100 largest educational services in Russia in 2023 reached 119 billion rubles. . Compared to 2022, the figure increased by 32%. In 2024, the EdTech market could grow by another 15–20% in Smart Ranking’s base case scenario.

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