The Hatters, Kirkorov, Shufutinsky and Khabib tried on the roles of rogues

The Hatters, Kirkorov, Shufutinsky and Khabib tried on the roles of rogues

The Hatters, St. Petersburg “hatters”, famous circus performers and stunt performers, on the eve of winter, simply bury themselves alive in the hysterical video “Veselo” for the corresponding track. This time they mocked the holy of holies - the proud sadness and melancholy of the Northern capital, that very textbook melancholy, which is historically compensated by wild fun. Like, look how “fun” we are, even if you get into a noose.

Yuri Muzychenko (The Hatters).

This is a real psychological thriller about how a man keeps everything inside himself, accumulates discontent, and then it rots and rots in him to the point of depression, but it doesn’t matter, he’s “fun.” And everyone around is singing... Just like Viktor Tsoi: “And all around there is grace - you can’t see a damn thing, / And all around there is beauty - you can’t see a damn thing... / And it seems alive and well, / And it seems like you can’t bother living, / So where did the sadness come from? ?

Only Tsoi sang it with his trademark half-smile, in which the mystery of almost the Mona Lisa was hidden, and the “hatters” staged a homeric buffoonery about the funeral.

Who hasn’t at least once in their life dreamed of how one of their relatives (or the sleeping person himself) is buried, and he sits in the coffin and communicates with everyone or dances and sings? The Hatters brought this case almost to reality, filming a popular nightmare. The entire clip, lead singer Yuri Muzychenko sings or yells about his special “fun,” lying or sitting in a coffin. Everyone around is dressed in black and with mascara smeared on their cheeks, even the men - this is quite normal for a circus. At least for now…

They take him on a bus to an open field, they arrange a drinking party in a barn with moonshine and smokes on the table, and at that moment he is digging his own grave. The spectacle is terrible, but the fans of the band squeal with delight.

In terms of music, this masterpiece is practically no different from the rest of the gypsy music with an accordion, cymbals, drums and other loud beauty. Indeed, why change something that is already good.

In what happened, one can, of course, see a healthy fig in one’s pocket on the topic of existential feelings of the current moment, and if such subtle emotional experiences occurred among the daring “hatters,” then a lot excuses them.


* * *

Singer Khabib from Tatarstan continues to light up dance floors, just as he started with “Raspberry Berry”, and has not been able to stop for three years. This time he sang a hit in the style of the imperishable “Federico Fellini” by Galibri and Mavik, only instead of the brilliant director in the chorus the name of Seryoga Zhukov is used as an icon of romantic pop from the 90s and, accordingly, the inspiration of Khabib, who is not much different from Zhukov of the early flood . The same wild dance and frenzy, the same pink cotton candy sticking out like bunny ears from every line and every note. All this is good-natured, bright, with clips filmed as if in plastic doll sets, and, accordingly, schoolgirls like it.

Thanks to Khabib, “Zhukov” is already becoming a household name in dance music and seems to be consigned to history, although in fact Sergei himself has just found his way to a new wave of popularity and is entering the next phase of his career. That is, the “icon” is not only alive, but also actively practicing. It’s not for nothing that in Khabib’s song the idol’s surname rhymes with popular urban transport. “And I confess my love, as if I were Seryoga Zhukov. / I’ll write you a hit, not for the s-class, but for minibuses.” This step could also be dictated by the fact that if Zhukov’s fans google new songs of their idol, they will come across Khabib instead of the original and appreciate his singing efforts. A cunning move, of course.

The song was supposed to be released in the summer, Khabib even filmed a short video for it against the backdrop of the Black Sea, where he stands at sunset on the characteristic Sochi breakwater pier, dancing and gesticulating like the leader of “Hands Up!” This year, at the beginning of the beach season, Zhukov just released the track “Black Sea”, in the video for which Sergei dances exactly like that on the breakwater. Khabib nevertheless posted his “copying” video on the Internet, albeit in the fall, out of season, but the fans did not read the visual message, and the joke of humor was not only not appreciated, but not even noticed. Perhaps because Khabib’s fans are much younger than Zhukov’s audience and don’t follow his work. Therefore, it is still unclear who is advertising whom here - Khabib Zhukov or Khabib Zhukova...

* * *

Approximately the same situation arises with the joint track of Philip Kirkorov and Mikhail Shufutinsky “Heat of Dubai”. It's like dancing elephants in a pop music store. Not in an offensive sense, of course, but exclusively in an enthusiastic sense. Elephants are not because they are terrible and clumsy, but because they are large in terms of cultural and institutional scale.

Yes, Philip betrayed all the endless “skirts, fluff, feathers” and, as it were, even visually switched to the age-old pop master. The situation kind of obliges.

And this music was clearly created not for minibuses, but for the S-class. The track is best enjoyed through a good audio system, which conveys all the subtleties of the atmospheric, quiet and refined orchestral performance. Perhaps “The Heat of Dubai” hints to the respectable public that other luxurious shores are not yet available to our elite. The video for the song is done with a neat and subtle French chic, so that Dubai in the current circumstances has become a branch of the Cote d'Azur in the sense of demonstrating terrifying luxury and wealth.

Kirkorov and Shufutinsky play the roles of two rogues who seduce you and deceive you at the same time. Throughout the video, they dance in striped costumes reminiscent of early 20th century prison uniforms and classic striped pajamas. Moreover, most likely, the initial hint was specifically about pajamas, since this outfit came to us through the 19th century European fashion for everything oriental, and remained so. But, taking into account Shufutinsky’s chanson past and present, his wide chain (many representatives of the criminal world still love these), associations with a prison uniform appear. In addition, the striped suits themselves (albeit dark and thin striped) were introduced by American gangsters, shamelessly stealing from English bank employees. Just a moment the shadow of Ostap Bender (in a striped jacket) with his dreams of Rio de Janeiro will flash here.

Looking at this couple, one remembers the blue sky of the fox Alice and the cat Basilio, and the duet of the Pirate and the Cat, who “respect each other” from the cartoon about the blue puppy. By the way, in the Middle Ages, striped suits were associated with all sorts of deceivers, scoundrels and women with “low social responsibility”; stripes on clothes were even considered a sign of demonic possession. In this vein, the comment of one of Shufutinsky’s fans looks especially hilarious. The lady wrote under the clip: “The heat in Dubai whispers one thing: Filya, go away!”

Running around the two artists are models with a camera from somewhere from the 20s to 40s, women in hairstyles from the same place, a mime (street clown), a juggler and a strongman from traveling circuses from around the same times. All this is done in black and white and looks like a stylish fashion joke. Despite the fact that the suits appear to be torn, frayed or in shreds, upon closer inspection they turn out to be perfectly ironed. The smoke of either a luxurious life or a brilliant swindle hovers in the background. This whole stylish circus is staged in a small studio where sand is poured on the floor. And dreams of distant shores seem even more unrealistic...

Against the backdrop of sky-high prices for sea holidays during the New Year holidays, it seems really cheaper to organize a circus at home with vodka and smokes and a 90s disco.

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