The Bolshoi Theater will present the premiere of the restored ballet “Romeo and Juliet”

The Bolshoi Theater will present the premiere of the restored ballet “Romeo and Juliet”


The premiere of the restored ballet “Romeo and Juliet” to music by Prokofiev will be shown in Moscow

The State Academic Bolshoi Theater (SABT) of Russia presents in its repertoire the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” to the music of Sergei Prokofiev, directed by Leonid Lavrovsky and with scenery by Peter Williams. This was reported by the official press center of the theater.

The restoration of the 1946 performance was carried out by Mikhail Lavrovsky, the son of Leonid Lavrovsky, People’s Artist of the USSR, who is considered one of the best performers of the role of Romeo.

“This is restoration. But, as Lavrovsky himself said [Леонид], everything can be changed and must be changed, time moves forward, but you cannot lose the essence of the work,” Mikhail Lavrovsky noted before the premiere. He emphasized that it is important to preserve the spirit of the performance and its style when restoring the ballet. “Our performances amazed the world with their content, our the so-called drama ballet. The essence of the work is on stage. These are not just abstract movements, they are the embodiment of the era described by Shakespeare: the Middle Ages are leaving, the Renaissance is coming,” Lavrovsky added.

The ballet is based on the tragedy of the same name by William Shakespeare; the libretto was written by Leonid Lavrovsky, Sergei Radlov, Sergei Prokofiev and Andrian Piotrovsky. The conductor and director of the ballet is Anton Grishanin, and Sergei Grachev worked on the restoration of the scenery, the costumes were created by Tatyana Noginova, the lighting was created by Damir Ismagilov.


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