The BBC published a 2003 interview with artist Banksy who introduced himself as Robbie.

The BBC published a 2003 interview with artist Banksy who introduced himself as Robbie.

British anonymous street artist Banksy confirmed in a 2003 interview with the BBC that his real name is Robbie. The fragment in which the artist confirms that this is his name was cut out. Today, November 21, the interview was published in full on website BBC Sounds, the newspaper noted The Independent.

In a 2003 interview with BBC Radio 4's PM programme, journalist Nigel Wrench asked Banksy if he could refer to him by the name previously used by The Independent. The artist replied that this would suit him, after which Mr. Wrench clarified: “Robert Banks, right?” “Robbie,” the guest replied. In what particular article The Independent referred to Banksy as Robert is not specified.

According to the publication, according to the most common version, behind the image of Banksy is a graduate of the Cathedral School in Bristol, Robin Gunningham. The British media first reported this back in 2008, accompanying the publication with a photograph allegedly depicting Mr. Gunningham. Banksy denied this information. According to another version, Banksy is Robert Del Naya, a member of the musical group Massive Attack, who was a graffiti artist at the beginning of his career.

Banksy's work was first noticed in the 1990s when he was a member of the Bristol-based graffiti group DryBreadZ Crew. One of the artist's first widely known graffiti was The Mild Mild West, which depicts a teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail at three commandos. The work is located on the wall of one of the residential buildings in Bristol. The artist’s most expensive work was the painting “Love in a Trash Can.” It was sold at auction for $25.4 million. In November Banksy toldwho created seven murals in different parts of Ukraine, including Kiev, the suburbs of Irpen and Borodyanka.

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