Shocking Beyoncé clashes with Taylor Swift in a creative battle

Shocking Beyoncé clashes with Taylor Swift in a creative battle

Pop singers are betting on good old country

Beyoncé announced the release of her new album, Renaissance Act II, and following this, two singles containing elements of country style, “Texas Hold'Em” and “16 Carriages,” appeared on the Internet. The album will be released at the end of March, but for now the 42-year-old singer, known for her reclusive life, has even increased her appearances. She and her hip-hop husband Jay-Z and their two children watched football at the Las Vegas stadium this weekend. However, the American Super Cup did not turn anyone into a sports fan: there were so many stars in the stands that the paparazzi were tired of identifying them. Leonardo DiCaprio turned out to be the most secretive, but there were also those who wanted to be noticed.

Beyonce amazed everyone at the football with her blonde hairstyle: neat, softly falling large, not at all African curls were distributed over her shoulders. The singer's neck was adorned with a Western-style necklace - as a tribute to the fact that she was about to finally release her country album. A radical change in musical direction in her case is, of course, a musical “bomb”, just like in our country Nadezhda Kadysheva, for example, would sing fierce hip-hop, decorating it with twerking in latex panties. And this is a dance, during which only one part of the woman’s body sticks out as far as possible and actively shakes - the same part that people usually look for all sorts of troubles.

Recently, when appearing in public, Beyoncé has been actively using the appropriate paraphernalia: she will either put on a cowboy hat or ride a mirror horse. On the cover of the latest single “Texas Hold'Em” she appears in a bold, defiantly naked image, consisting of metal panties on a chain and a bra, a short jacket and, again, a cowboy hat, the singer’s head is decorated with giant metal earrings. With her provocative looks, Beyoncé has always walked the fine line between inspiring boldness and horrifying vulgarity. In this case, associations emerge with the chastity belt, with slavery, and with the culture of African-American conflict symbiosis in general.

Many believe that by introducing herself into the country style, she wants to displace Taylor Swift, who has been feeding there for a long time, and quite well. Plus, it could help Beyoncé earn awards in music categories that weren't previously available to her. But there is also an ideological background to this case, allegedly in this way Beyoncé declares that country music is part of black musical expression, based on African-American blues and gospel along with white folk music. As part of this message, some critics are already interpreting the lengthy enumeration of their hard work in the lyrics of the new song “16 Carriages” as a reference to the times when slaves wrote endless songs about how hard and hard they worked; these work songs were a whole complex subgenre - performed by field workers. A public debate is about to erupt over whether a dark-skinned Texas native can sing “white” country music from time immemorial.

Regardless, what this all adds up to is the dissolution of racial divisions in pop music. There are even rumors that Beyonce bleached not only her hair, but also her skin. Other African-American singers - Ciara, Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim - have also noticeably brightened up over the past five years and also actively deny suspicions of special whitening procedures.

Besides Beyoncé, there were other singers at the football match. Lady Gaga, for example, stuck body art in the form of a rhinestone butterfly directly on her face. Lana Del Rey showed off in a bright red leather jacket, Gwen Stefani looked like she spent her youth in a remote village in the 90s in Russia. Then this style was at its best. She paired the turquoise tracksuit with purple stripes and black accents with heeled boots. In Gwen's case, a special luxury was the choice of white boots, which, apparently, should have been beautifully combined with a white T-shirt and a high ponytail. Most likely, the American singer herself does not know how accurately she fell into the most favorite image of post-Soviet fashionistas. Actress Blake Lively, known for her leading role in the endless series “Gossip Girl,” also wore a tracksuit, but looked more modern, her suit was, as is now worn, completely oversized and, of course, bright red. She accompanied the stadium's main star and Beyonce's rival, singer Taylor Swift, who had just collected every possible and impossible nomination at the Grammy ceremony.

At the end of last fall, economists calculated the fortune of 34-year-old Taylor Swift and came to the conclusion that she had more than $1.1 billion in her stash. Thus, she became the richest female musician in the States and the first billionaire to make a fortune solely from music. It’s no wonder why Western journalists began to evaluate the clothes (a black top for $720 and black jeans with rhinestones for $1,200) that she wore to the football game to cheer on her boyfriend Travis Kelce. By the way, even though the American football player is a millionaire (his fortune is estimated at $40 million), even Taylor’s cat is richer than him. Her furry pet Olivia earned $97 million from advertising and social media accounts. All these crazy numbers are quite real and can inspire talented and not so talented youth (and not so young) to creative achievements. Now it’s clear why Beyoncé suddenly rushed into country music. It turned out that this seemingly historical style brings colossal income to its followers.

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