Screenwriter of the program “Town” Pelishenko died – Kommersant

Screenwriter of the program “Town” Pelishenko died – Kommersant


Russian screenwriter Svetoslav Pelishenko died at the age of 71. Film critic and columnist Susanna Alperina reported this.

“Slava, Svetoslav Pelishenko, has left. Sir Captain of the Gentlemen’s Team. Smart, talented, decent and always seemed to be unflappable. He took with him a piece of my life, a piece of my heart. I always admired him and highly valued him, like his friends KVN people, physicists and others,” wrote Susanna Alperina in Telegram channel. She expressed condolences to her loved ones.

Svetoslav Pelishenko – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He was the captain of the KVN team “Odessa Gentlemen” (team of Odessa State University). Since 1991, he worked as the head of the department of humorous programs on Russian television. He was one of the authors of “Town”, “Blue Light on Shabolovka”, “Saturday Evening”, “Song of the Year”. In 2007, he won the TEFI Award as the screenwriter of “Town”.

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