Russia has developed a false drone “Lodyr” – Kommersant

Russia has developed a false drone “Lodyr” – Kommersant

The Center for Integrated Unmanned Solutions (CCBR) has developed a decoy drone operator complex called “Lodyr”, designed to distract the enemy’s electronic reconnaissance (ER) system. The general director of the organization, Dmitry Kuzyakin, told TASS about this.

According to him, the Lodyr will be used for the duration of the combat use of a real FPV crew. He clarified that the complex uses an FPV drone hibernation tool developed by the center, which allows the UAV to remain in sleep mode for up to several weeks.

“Several of these Lodyri reliably cover the work of the crew and increase the time for safe combat use. “Lodyrs” are autonomous and can remain in position for quite a long time, waiting for the command to turn on,” noted Mr. Kuzyakin.

According to the head of the Central Committee of the Russian Federation, Lodyr is also cheap to produce. “We are developing new DER tools that will make it possible to mislead the enemy at the strategic level. Of course, this is not one product, but a whole complex of measures and technical support,” added Dmitry Kuzyakin.

At the end of June the government approved unmanned aviation development strategy until 2030. According to it, within six and a half years, a new branch of the economy should be formed in Russia related to the creation and use of civilian drones. In early September in Kamchatka launched production of kamikaze drones.

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