Putin proposed to introduce an "intellectual maturity index" of the regions

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the introduction of monitoring the results of the use of artificial intelligence in economic and social sectors from 2023. To accomplish this task, the head of state proposed to create an "index of intellectual maturity of industries and regions."

“To make it more sonorous, we can say “intellectual maturity index”, because we are talking about the introduction of artificial intelligence,” Vladimir Putin suggested during the international conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning “Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence” (quoted by TASS). He added that this index will be used to evaluate the practical results of individual subjects, ministries and departments.

As previously reported by "Kommersant", the regions began to implement systems based on artificial intelligence more often. In 2021, the number of such contracts more than doubled. The trend towards digitalization, in particular, is explained by the implementation of the Digital Economy national project, created in 2019.

The goals of the project include increasing the costs of developing the digital economy, as well as using predominantly domestic software. During today's conference, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko, who oversees the project, appreciated the effect of the introduction of AI in the economy in 1 trillion rubles.

Read more about the implementation of AI in the regions of the Russian Federation - in the material "Kommersant" "Across the cities of AI villages".

Lusine Balasyan

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