Microfinance company Zaimer announced an IPO in April – Kommersant

Microfinance company Zaimer announced an IPO in April - Kommersant


Microfinance company Seimer announced its intention to conduct its first public offering on the Moscow Exchange in April 2024. As part of the IPO, the sole shareholder of Seimer, Sergei Sedov, plans to offer investors shares of the company worth about 3 billion rubles.

IN message The company notes that following a dialogue with investors, the company has generated preliminary demand for 70% of the expected IPO volume. Russian qualified and unqualified individual investors will be able to take part in the Seimer IPO.

As part of an IPO, the company and its owner undertake a lock-up obligation for a period of six months. The stabilization mechanism will be formed for a period of 30 days after the start of trading.

In February, Kommersant, citing sources wrotethat Seimer plans to go public by the end of March. Then sources stated that the IFC plans to raise 5 billion rubles. (Reuters sources cited the same amount), up to 90% of which will come from individual investors.

PJSC MFC “Zaymer” specializes in issuing loans online. Seimer’s customer base includes 17 million people. From the company’s IFRS reporting, it follows that for 2023, Seimer increased its net profit by 5.8%, to 6.1 billion rubles. In February 2023, Seimer fully repaid the first issue of bonds in the amount of 300 million rubles.

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