Kyrgyzstan explained the refusal of Mir by Latvia’s threat to disconnect the card operator

Kyrgyzstan explained the refusal of Mir by Latvia’s threat to disconnect the card operator

The head of the government of Kyrgyzstan, Akylbek Japarov, at a meeting of the Jogorku Kenesh (unicameral parliament) explained the reasons for the termination of servicing cards of the Russian payment system "Mir". The national operator of Mir, as well as the local payment system Elkart, is the Interbank Processing Center (IPC). The software for it was developed by a Latvian company, which promised to disable the MPC.

"(For.- "Ъ") MPC software is made by a Latvian company. She sent a letter in which she wrote that if we do not stop working with the Mir card, they will turn off the MPC. That's why we temporarily suspended it. A number of mechanisms and activities will be undertaken. It will not be possible to voice them today,” said Mr. Japarov (quote from the publication Tazabek).

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers said that the decision was made in order “not to jeopardize” the owners of 4 million Elcard cards. He noted that the restrictions “affected both Turkey and China.” “This is not our war. Last year, only 4% of tourists were served by the Mir card,” added Mr. Japarov.

The Prime Minister was answering a question from deputy Guli Kozhokulova. She noted that Russia is a strategic ally and that the decision “hits our economic ties.” The deputy said that 1.5 million Kyrgyzstanis “will stop sending money from Russia to Kyrgyzstan.” Mr. Japarov noted that banks continue to work among themselves, 80% of migrants send money through Sberbank.

The prime minister said that he would soon fly to the United States to explain to Western partners that his country is in a single economic space with Russia. “Kyrgyzstan cannot stop trade and economic relations with Russia,” the prime minister explained.

Interbank Processing Center on the eve of April 3, statedthat banks in Kyrgyzstan have stopped servicing Russian Mir cards in order to avoid secondary US sanctions. It was noted that the possibility of transfers between banks in Russia and Kyrgyzstan will remain after the Mir cards are disabled.

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Leonid Uvarchev

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