Kristall will invest 200 million rubles. to the blending shop – Kommersant

Kristall will invest 200 million rubles.  to the blending shop – Kommersant

Kaluga Distillery Kristall plans to commission a new blending shop at the end of July 2024. About 200 million rubles will be invested in the project, it says press release companies.

The launch of the workshop will be carried out using funds raised by the parent company PJSC Alcohol Group Kristall during the IPO. In February she managed attract RUB 1.15 billion

“By July 31 of this year, both the construction of the workshop itself and all licensing procedures must be completed,” said Pavel Pobedkin, founder and owner of Kristall Alcohol Group PJSC, quoted in the press release.

Mr. Pobedkin added that a new alcohol storage facility will be built. Its project is planned to be approved by May 2024. The engineering stage of construction of a warehouse for finished products has also begun at the plant.

The creation of a new workshop is the first stage of the three-year investment program of the Kristall plant. The company wants to invest 2.5 billion rubles by 2026. in production, logistics and marketing. Investments of this program in the production segment will amount to 1 billion rubles. Of these, 200 million rubles. planned for a blending shop and alcohol storage facility, 600 million rubles for new storage facilities.

Based on the results of the three-year investment program, by 2026 Kristall is expected to increase revenue fivefold and EBITDA tenfold. The company wants to occupy about 18% of the Russian alcoholic beverages market. Currently, Kristall's share of the Russian vodka market is 2%. Sales volume in 2023, taking into account VAT and excise tax, increased almost 1.9 times compared to 2022, to RUB 11.2 billion.

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