InDrive founder Arsen Tomsky changed his Russian citizenship to Kazakh citizenship

InDrive founder Arsen Tomsky changed his Russian citizenship to Kazakh citizenship

An entrepreneur from Yakutia and founder of the inDrive taxi service, Arsen Tomsky, received Kazakhstani citizenship at the invitation of the government of the republic. Dual citizenship is prohibited in Kazakhstan, so Mr. Tomsky refused a Russian passport. The entrepreneur reported the change of citizenship in Telegram.

“At the invitation of the government of Kazakhstan, I accepted the citizenship of this country. inDrive has become a global company, has a global mission and strategic goals, and the situation in which the CEO, founder and main shareholder is a citizen of a neutral country is much more conducive to their implementation,” wrote Mr. Tomsky.

At the same time, the entrepreneur emphasized that Yakutia remains his homeland, and he himself remains a representative of the Sakha people (the self-name of the Yakuts), so he will do everything to improve life in the republic. According to him, the more successful inDrive is, the more he can do for Yakutia. Mr. Tomsky said that he spends almost all of his earnings on non-profit projects, almost all of which began in the republic.

According to the entrepreneur, now in Yakutia it is difficult, sometimes almost impossible, to work with his non-profit projects, so Kazakhstan is becoming the first country for new initiatives. “But sooner or later the situation in Russia will normalize and the country will take the path of peaceful development - and then we will be able to carry out our development projects there in full force, improving people’s lives,” Mr. Tomsky concluded.

In March 2022, the Yakut information resource, founded by Arsen Tomsky, announced its closure after 23 years of operation due to demands to close comments and not write on “certain topics.” According to Mr. Tomsky, the publication was the most popular media in the region.

In May 2022, Arsen Tomsky reported that after the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, inDrive decided to transfer some of its employees to Kazakhstan, Cyprus and other countries. According to him, at the end of February the share of the Russian Federation in the total volume of service trips was 7%.

In April 2023, RBC, citing sources in the IT market reportedthat inDrive transferred the main Russian legal entity “Software Development Center” to the Kazakh structure “Indels”. Under the name Indels, the company planned to provide urban and international travel services in Russia and the CIS.

Erdni Kagaltynov

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