How the price of coffee to go has increased

How the price of coffee to go has increased


Coffee to go has risen in price by 5-15%, reports the specialized publication Shopper’s, citing a survey of market players, including Azbuka Vkusa, the Cofix and One Price Coffee chains. Business associates the increase in the cost of drinks with the rise in prices of coffee beans and milk. Suppliers of the latter have raised prices by 10-15% since the beginning of the year.

Should we expect a further increase in the cost of coffee to go? The general director of the K-Grand company, Alexander Borisov, believes that this is quite likely, but demand is unlikely to decrease from this: “Small companies that make takeaway drinks do not have stocks, they work “on wheels” and react very quickly to the situation. Let’s say they constantly buy grains, but this is not a forward contract; they sell coffee at the current price. So such players are forced to raise prices just to justify the cost of their raw materials. A rough estimate of employees in such small companies that purchase coffee in small quantities is probably over 100 thousand in Russia.

As for consumers, I think that the price increase will be unpleasant for them, but not critical.

Why? Because they understand perfectly well that they can make a cup of instant coffee at work or simply brew it in a Turkish coffee pot. It will be much cheaper, but for them, takeaway drinks are a way of life.”

In addition, other costs for coffee shops are increasing, for example, for staff salaries, noted the owner of the Take&Wake chain, Alexey Petropolsky: “Traditionally, prices generally increase within the framework of inflation, which in our country is about 10%. Of course, we also need to take into account salaries, rental rates, and the cost of raw materials in the form of exchange rate instability, which has also fallen by 10% over the past year. All this together influences the fact that the price is forced to increase for absolutely everything, including coffee drinks.

Of course, first of all, what we see is the wage fund due to the fact that there is a certain shortage of personnel. As a rule, young people of college age now have a choice: to become couriers, taxi drivers or baristas.

Moreover, if previously the average salary level started from 40 thousand rubles. per month, now it reaches 70-80 thousand rubles. for such seemingly simple professions. Of course, this cannot but affect the cost of the product.”

The average price of a glass of coffee to go in March was about 200 rubles, as calculated by online cash register operator Evotor. Compared to 2023, the cost increased by 9%.

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