Dima Bilan sang the Russian anthem in front of Putin

Dima Bilan sang the Russian anthem in front of Putin

Dima Bilan took part in the opening ceremony of the "Future Games" in Kazan and sang the Russian anthem

Dima Bilan, who faced criticism after participating in Anastasia Ivleeva’s party, was able, unlike a number of colleagues, to maintain his relevance as an artist. The singer performed the Russian anthem during the opening ceremony of the Future Games in Kazan.

Together with the children's choir and with the accompaniment of the orchestra, Bilan sang the words of the anthem, and the audience listened to him standing. The event was attended by President Vladimir Putin, who, among other things, stated that sports games are “free from political considerations, any kind of discrimination and double standards.”

At the end of December, Bilan was invited to a party with an explicit dress code in a Moscow club, after which many participants encountered problems at work. In particular, People's Artist Philip Kirkorov temporarily disappeared from film and television screens. Later singer went to Donbass with concerts and soon returned to the TV show. At the same time, singer Lolita Milyavskaya lost performances as part of her anniversary tour. Recently, the artist announced that she was one of the first gave concerts in Donetsk and Lugansk, and also announced plans to restore the church “in one of the new territories.”

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