Boeing 737 MAX production fell sharply amid production checks - Kommersant

Boeing 737 MAX production fell sharply amid production checks - Kommersant

Production of the Boeing 737 MAX has fallen sharply in recent weeks due to inspections by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the agency reports. Reuters with reference to sources. The department initiated the inspections as part of an investigation into an incident that occurred in January, when the emergency exit hatch cover of an aircraft of this model fell off during a flight.

The US Civil Aviation Administration has imposed restrictions on aircraft assembly due to technical problems at Boeing. The manufacturer can produce no more than 38 MAX series aircraft per month. However, Boeing's monthly output is well below that level, falling to single digits by the end of March, Reuters people said.

The agency notes that Boeing's production slowdown could affect the entire aviation industry. Because of Boeing's problems, carriers are forced to cut flights or extend existing aircraft leases to meet demand, explains Reuters.

Boeing's problems arose after an incident in early January when an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9 escape hatch plug fell off, causing the cabin to depressurize. Later It revealedthat the hatch covers on many Boeing 737s were installed improperly. Also on liners showed up and other problems with the fuselage. At the end of March Boeing announced about the resignation of CEO David Calhoun and several other top managers of the company.

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