At Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo, aircraft landing patterns have been changed

At Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo, aircraft landing patterns have been changed

Aeroflot and the State Air Navigation Corporation (subordinate to the Federal Air Transport Agency) have changed aircraft landing patterns in the Moscow air zone. New landing patterns will allow the company to save fuel for its aircraft. About it RBC said an airline representative.

The new scheme will allow the carrier to save five minutes of flight time and up to 3 billion rubles. in year. The company worked on planting optimization from July 2023 to January 2024. Reduced planting schemes have been in effect since the end of March. Thanks to the new routes, by the end of the year Aeroflot will save at least 18.6 thousand tons of fuel, the Rossiya company will save 7.4 thousand tons, and the Pobeda low-cost carrier will save 5.6 thousand tons. In addition, Aeroflot noted ", such a measure will also reduce the "negative impact of the carbon footprint on the environment."

A source in the Aeroflot group said that previously a short approach at the pilot’s request was not always allowed, but now it has been “legalized.” “Accordingly, less fuel needs to be filled for the flight, whereas previously it was always filled taking into account the long approach,” the source clarified.

A source among air traffic controllers told RBC that the introduction of short approaches is associated with the introduction of additional flight restriction zones in the area of ​​Moscow airports. “Additional restriction zones have been introduced and traffic speeds have been reduced near existing zones. Therefore, we had to introduce new routes,” he said. Another source among air traffic controllers at Sheremetyevo noted that route straightening is a common process “to create safe/conflict-free flight patterns.”

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