An exhibition of paintings by Chagall, Altman and Shterenberg opens in Moscow

An exhibition of paintings by Chagall, Altman and Shterenberg opens in Moscow

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, with the support of VTB, presents the exhibition “Jewish Avant-Garde. Chagall, Altman, Shterenberg and others.” The bank's press service reported this.

An exhibition will open at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center on March 6, which will trace the evolution of the Jewish avant-garde in Russia: from the actualization of Jewish folk art, adaptation of its manner and stylization of motifs to the avant-garde stage, expressed in a non-objective and abstract form. The exhibition presents more than 100 paintings and graphic works from major Russian museums - these are works by Marc Chagall, Nathan Altman, David Shterenberg, El Lissitzky, Robert Falk, Joseph Tchaikov and others.

“Our country has always been multinational - it united many peoples with their own traditions and culture. This palette is very valuable and needs to be preserved. The new project of the Jewish Museum allows us to contribute to maintaining the cultural diversity of our country,” said VTB Senior Vice President Natalya Kochneva.

The press service noted that the museum will present a reconstruction of the Kultur-League exhibition, one of the significant stages in the formation of the Jewish avant-garde. At the same time, a separate part of the exhibition is dedicated to the work of artists of the 1920s: from bold cubist compositions, color-dynamic designs and analytical sculpture to works of the end of the decade, demonstrating the integration of Jewish art into the “grand style” of the USSR.

“VTB traditionally supports projects of key Russian cultural institutions, national heritage sites, groups and performers at the federal level, as well as the most important channels for the dissemination of cultural values ​​in the interests of the national project “Culture,” the press service added.

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