70% of companies in Russia employ self-employed people 70% of companies in Russia employ self-employed people

According to a survey by the research center, 70% of company executives in Russia employ self-employed people. Most often they are used for courier delivery. 23% of respondents refuse to cooperate with the self-employed.

The survey was conducted in January 2023. It was attended by 1680 Russian heads of organizations and heads of departments of companies aged 25-55 years. The results of the study are TASS.

According to the survey, 50% of respondents contact the self-employed at least once every six months. 40% of respondents work with them regularly, 10% - as specific tasks arise. 53% of respondents are considering using their services, 20% plan to do so in the future.

Most often, the self-employed are involved in courier delivery (34%), tasks in the field of marketing, PR and advertising (31%), IT-sphere (30%), tasks related to design (26%), accounting (21%), for works related to physical labor (15%), copywriting (13%), translations (4%).

66% of respondents are convinced that it is more convenient to solve one-time project tasks with the self-employed. 53% believe that such employees are beneficial from an economic point of view, 29% stated that it is easy to formalize labor relations with the self-employed. 24% of respondents turn to their services when they need a specialist with certain skills.

23% of respondents clearly refused to cooperate with the self-employed in the future. Among those who do not work with the self-employed, half said that they did not have such tasks. 23% complained about difficulties with workflow control, 17% cannot find employees with the required level of competencies, 10% complain about difficulties in collecting reporting documents.

According to YouDo and surveys, the demand for self-employed services could grow in Russia last fall after the announcement of partial mobilization. According to the adopted amendments to the Labor Code, employers cannot dismiss mobilized employees, but are obliged to keep their jobs until they return from military service.

Details - in the material "Kommersant" “The self-employed were mobilized for work”.

Laura Keffer

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