Year of the Black Water: the astrologer told how to "be friends" with the new rabbit

He comes once every 60 years

Although the Chinese New Year comes a whole month later than the European one, the Chinese begin to study horoscopes for the coming year even in early autumn. This was the case even during the pandemic years, when the festive meetings of the new “totem” (patron of the coming year) were canceled. There will be no mass celebrations in China this year either: covid restrictions in the country have not yet been lifted, and the last time the Chinese celebrated the New Year was from February 1 to February 15, 2020. But the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire are sure: whether you are celebrating or not, it is simply vital to know some things about the coming year. We also recognized them.

“The patron of 2023 is the Black Water Rabbit, he comes to Earth only once every 60 years,” says Sinologist astrologer Deshen Zihao. - Therefore, first you need to see off the 60-year-old Rabbit, and only then honor the newborn.

- But after all, the zodiac cycle is 12 years, where does 60 come from?

- Rabbits, they are Cats, there are 5 types - earthen, metal, fiery, wooden and ours - water. They come in turn every 12 years, so between each type of Rabbit the gap is 5 times 12 years - 60. The Water Rabbit differs from its counterparts in its special softness and versatility.

- Is this good or bad?

- On the one hand, the Rabbit is good, this is the most successful patron of the year. According to legend, it was he who came first in the race of the Jade Emperor, which determined the zodiac order of the animal patrons of the years, but at the finish line he took a nap and let the Rat, Ox and Tiger go ahead (the year of the Rabbit is the fourth in the cycle of the Chinese lunar calendar). That is, the Rabbit is lucky and smart (he overtook everyone), but not ambitious (he overslept his triumph). This is precisely what his year is dangerous for: if you are not ambitious, your triumph can be stolen and appropriated. This is especially true for those born in the years of different Rabbits, these are 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999 and 2011 years of birth. But in their year, their lucky numbers are known - 3, 4 and 6, as well as any numbers containing 3 - 13, 31, 23, etc. It is necessary to avoid units, sevens and eights.

- Are these recommendations for roulette players?

- Why, and for those who choose the date of the wedding, the ticket for the exam, the license plate for the car or the floor and apartment number. Numbers are everywhere in our lives.

- And if a person born in the year of the Rabbit fell in love with a person born on the 1st, 7th or 8th, then what?

- If he was born in the year of the Pig, then nothing, the Pig is the best match for the Rabbit. And the worst partners for him are the Rat and the Rooster, even if they were born on happy dates for him. But in general, keep in mind that the advancing Black Water Rabbit brings to Earth the nobility of Chang'e, the goddess of the Moon, as she is considered her pet. And the Moon is a symbol of purity, compassion and selflessness. And here is the paradox: the Black Water Rabbit will bring wealth and success, but only to those who show selflessness.

- What is it like?

- Well, probably, he will not bargain, but will simply do something good for the world, for people. As for love and marriage, the Rabbit also has a planned rise in activity. But the conditions are also not so simple. True love will only come to those who learn to forgive. And this is not very easy, it is much easier to take revenge and hate.

- You don’t celebrate, but what should we give each other? Where to go on vacation? What to wear?

- Give whatever you want, but not money (remember about selflessness!), not glass, not mirrors and not natural furs - the Rabbit does not like this. Do not travel west, north, and southwest of where you live. You can meet the Black Water Rabbit in red, pink and purple. But if you want my opinion, then purple will respond best to the owner of the year. And it is better to be herbivorous in his night.

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