What new payments await pensioners from June 1

What new payments await pensioners from June 1

Named categories of older Russians who will receive additional measures of social support

The beginning of summer will be marked by a number of legislative and administrative changes concerning various categories of Russian pensioners. Basically, the introduced measures are aimed at increasing certain types of pension payments, as well as expanding the circle of their recipients. What new awaits the Russians who are on a well-deserved rest from June 1 - in the material "MK".

Let's say right away: the main gift that elderly Russians could count on since June has not been handed to them. We are talking about unscheduled indexation of pensions, which many were waiting for by analogy with last year, from June 1. Then, we recall, because of the inflation that was rampant as a result of the sanctions attack on Russia, President Putin instructed the government to unscheduledly raise payments to non-working pensioners by 10% at once. This generous step on the part of the state immediately made 35 million domestic non-working pensioners happy. Now inflation is by no means so high, and the treasury, unlike last year, is not in surplus, but in deficit ... In a word, there will be no unscheduled indexation for all pensioners. But on the other hand, pension payments to some categories of older Russians will increase in a planned manner.

In particular, those who lived in 1941-1945 on the territory of Stalingrad received the status of a veteran of the Great Patriotic War back in May. This means that from June pensioners will be entitled to all possible benefits and social support measures assigned to this category. To date, only elderly Russians who have been awarded the signs “Resident of besieged Sevastopol” and “Resident of besieged Leningrad” receive such assistance from the state.

To be specific, from June 1, pensioners who were in Stalingrad during its siege by fascist troops will monthly receive additional financial payments in the amount of 3,896 rubles. In addition, veterans will be entitled to an additional set of social support measures, including preferential travel on commuter trains, free medicines and medical products, and subsidized treatment in a sanatorium.

Speaking of other significant changes since June for pensioners, one cannot fail to mention the entry into force of such an innovation as an increase in pensions for older people who have reached the age of 80 as of the end of May 2023. The fixed amount of social pension for this category of Russians will double, and payments to them will be indexed automatically - without any applications to the Social (former Pension) Fund. The increase is calculated only for those who have retired due to old age, that is, they have not worked out the length of service required by law or have not scored pension points for the payment of an insurance pension.

In addition, those pensioners who will be recalculated for length of service will receive an increase. For example, if a person confirms receipt of additional seniority. In this case, you can apply to the Social Fund or through the State Services portal in order to review the number of years worked and assign a larger pension. However, for this, the “extra” years of work will have to be documented - only then will an increase be accrued.

Another innovation for pensioners at the federal level concerns the increase in transport routes that will be available on benefits. These will include those used for travel.

The main pension innovations of the beginning of summer for MK commented Economist Andrey Loboda, Communications Director at BitRiver:

“There are just over 7 million pensioners aged 80 and over in Russia, and half a million of them are Muscovites. Doubling the payment upon reaching such an honorable age is not just a sign of respect for people, it is also a very logical attempt to pay tribute to those who successfully laid the foundation for the post-war economy, created a reserve for the economic base of modern Russia.

One can argue for a long time whether our elderly compatriots receive much or little help and social support. But we can say with confidence that the authorities have long been able to establish effective targeted support for socially vulnerable categories of the population. Moreover, the Russian regions also contribute to the further improvement of the social well-being of pensioners. They actively implement programs for social support of the older generation, especially the elderly. The amount of pensions for citizens aged 80+ can be calculated from 45 thousand rubles and more, in my opinion, it really strives for the minimum fair level in modern realities.

I am glad that with a significant slowdown in inflation, the risks of ruble depreciation are minimizing today. A relatively stable ruble, although not as expensive as last year, is already in a sense a gift to all Russians with a low income level. You need to understand that the president will not let the social vector of the country's development be weakened, and good surprises to support older citizens are not ruled out as early as the first half of 2023.

In any case, there will be money for these purposes, even against the background of a budget deficit. Moreover, helping citizens brings visible results. Today, just under 10 million Russians live below the poverty line, the lowest figure in 30 years. Targeted support, primarily for non-working pensioners, has already proved to be very effective.”

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