Weather in Moscow: atmospheric pressure will be much higher than normal all week

The increase in atmospheric pressure began in Moscow at the end of last week and is not going to stop yet - the Mongolian anticyclone, which causes it, is still gaining strength.

Photo by Alexander Avilov / Moskva Agency

At the beginning of the week, the pressure will be 15 mm Hg above the norm, and by Wednesday, judging by the forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation, the excess will already be 19 mm, rising to 768 mm Hg. Coupled with increased frost, such high atmospheric pressure can adversely affect the health of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, this week they should especially carefully monitor their well-being and take medication in a timely manner.

But the clouds will disperse by Tuesday and Muscovites will finally be able to see the sun. Although it is no longer necessary to wait for heat from him. If on Monday, November 28, the temperature during the day stays at 2-4 degrees below zero, then every day it will drop by a couple of degrees and on Thursday, December 1, it will drop to -9 degrees in the afternoon in the capital. It will also be cold on Friday, December 2.

Nighttime temperatures will also be low, more in line with January than early December. On the night of Thursday and Friday, the air temperature in the capital can drop to 14 degrees below zero.

By the weekend, the cold will recede a little, it is expected that on Saturday, December 3, in the afternoon in Moscow it will be from -2 to -7 degrees.

Despite the winter weather, it is still too early to go on the ice. Its thickness in the capital's reservoirs now does not exceed 3 cm, and ice can withstand the weight of a person with a thickness of at least 7 cm. than two weeks later. And on rivers and reservoirs, this will happen even later.

Alena Bodrienko.

Photo by Alexander Avilov / Moskva Agency

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