Walmart raises salaries for ordinary employees by 17%

Walmart is the largest retail chain in the US and worldwide announced about increasing wages for ordinary employees with hourly wages. If now wages in this network range from $12 to $18 per hour, then from March it will rise to $14-19 per hour, that is, the minimum wage will increase by 16.6%. "We continue to strengthen our talent pool and invest in our people," Walmart said.

Recently, against the backdrop of inflation accelerating last year, more and more companies are increasing the salaries of employees in order to keep them in place. Only in the US did wages increase in November average by 5.5%. In 2022, US consumer inflation was 9.1%.

At the beginning of January about a salary increase announced and leadership of Japan's leading chain, Uniqlo. Depending on the position and length of service of a particular employee, the salary will increase by 18-40%.

Evgeniy Khvostik

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