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The speaker of the Saratov City Duma, Dmitry Kudinov (United Russia), is resigning because he wants to focus on "work in the district." He leaves the post after the mayor Mikhail Isaev, who was elected to the regional duma in early September. According to Kommersant's sources, the place of Mr. Kudinov may be taken by the ex-head of the Saratov customs, Sergey Ovchinnikov. The expert talks about the formation of a new management team in the region after the change of the governor and the renewal of the composition of the regional parliament.

Dmitry Kudinov announced his intention to resign ahead of schedule in his Telegram channel. “In this difficult period for everyone, I consider it necessary to concentrate as much as possible on work in the interests of those who count on my help - the voters of my district,” he wrote, adding that he was not going to give up his deputy mandate. “Direct work with voters, solving their specific issues, responsibility to them is now more important for me than administrative and organizational activities.

What exactly prompted the speaker to leave, he did not explain and did not answer calls from Kommersant. According to Kommersant's sources, the resignation of the head of the City Duma was discussed on Monday at a meeting of the commission on local self-government, but he himself was not present at it.

Dmitry Kudinov is a deputy of the Saratov City Duma of the last three convocations. After the elections in 2021, he was elected speaker, because, as Vladimir Ostrovsky, the head of the United Russia faction, explained, he is “one of the most experienced and enterprising people’s deputies,” and he also “is well versed in the mechanism of rule-making and the intricacies of the city economy.” Kommersant's sources do not rule out that Mr. Kudinov's resignation may be related to the departure of Saratov Mayor Mikhail Isaev, whose team member the speaker was considered to be. Recall that at the end of August, Mr. Isaev resigned to focus on elections to the regional Duma: he ran in the district against the well-known communist blogger Nikolai Bondarenko and managed to defeat him with a threefold advantage. In the Regional Duma, Mikhail Isaev was elected speaker, and. about. The head of the city was the former head of the Leninsky district of Saratov, Lada Mokrousova.

According to Kommersant's sources, the seat of the speaker of the City Duma may go to the former head of the Saratov customs, Sergei Ovsyannikov, who left this post on September 26. Earlier, he went to the City Duma from United Russia in the by-elections in the Leninsky district. Mr. Ovsyannikov himself does not comment on this information. Officially, the resignation of the chairman of the City Duma and the election of his successor should take place at the next meeting of the City Duma, the date of which has not yet been set.

Non-partisan City Duma deputy Viktor Markov told Kommersant that there were no visible prerequisites for the resignation of the speaker, "until Sergei Ovsyannikov was elected." MP from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Alay adds that rumors about the resignation of the chairman appeared in the summer. “He didn’t get into the Duma very nicely (in the 2021 elections, Dmitry Kudinov received over 1,000 votes at a polling station located in a military unit in the Engels district, thanks to which he bypassed communist Vladimir Novikov.— "b"), perhaps this also influenced,” Mr. Alai does not exclude.

Political scientist Dmitry Oleinik believes that after the election of the former prime minister of the Saratov region Roman Busargin as the new governor and the renewal of the composition of the regional duma, the managerial “reset” naturally reached the regional capital: “This always happens, after the elections there is either a complete replacement of the team, or partial adjustments to it.” But it is difficult to talk about the true reasons for the resignation of the speaker of the City Duma, the expert admits: “We need to see what was offered to him in return, perhaps he himself decided to completely change his life. Not everyone wants to be an MP for the rest of their lives. There may be personal motives as well.

Sergey Petunin, Saratov

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