Vladislav Ovchinsky spoke about the creation of an amphibious robot in Moscow

Vladislav Ovchinsky spoke about the creation of an amphibious robot in Moscow

The amphibious robot, which can be used for reconnaissance or emergency response, was developed by an enterprise located in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ. The novelty will be able to work at various flooded objects, mines and nuclear power plants.

“In Moscow, more than 200 enterprises are engaged in the mechanical engineering industry, which, among other things, produce industrial and service robots, as well as robotic systems. Industrialists offer advanced solutions that can replace a person in heavy and hazardous industries,” said Vladislav Ovchinsky, Head of the Investment and Industrial Policy Department.

He added that the SKTB PR company has developed an amphibious robotic complex for clearing flooded premises. Now the assortment of the enterprise includes more than 20 models of robots of various classes and purposes, capable of remotely operating under human control in hazardous conditions.

The development can be applied both on land and under water. You can control the complex using the remote control, and the video systems on the robot will become artificial "eyes" of the operator.

According to Gennady Degtev, General Director of the Technopolis Moscow SEZ, the company has been operating in the SEZ since 2013 and produces multifunctional robotic complexes and special-purpose systems for the nuclear industry, security agencies and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The equipment developed by the company has been introduced at a number of nuclear power plants.

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