Vladislav Ovchinsky: bed with massage and lighting will be produced in Moscow

An innovative bed with massage, lighting and adjustment was developed and started to be produced in the capital. The Moscow manufacturer of furniture with built-in electronics Tabula Sense, together with the furniture company Askona, came up with a sleeping place that can be customized using a stationary remote control.

“Metropolitan industrialists use technologies based on AI and the Internet of things, use solutions in the field of robotics. To do this, manufacturers are actively investing in their own development, expanding capacity and developing new products, including innovative ones. Every year, Tabula Sense produces more than 10 thousand pieces of furniture products and continues to expand the line. So, in collaboration with one of the leading Russian furniture manufacturers, a “smart” bed was developed at a metropolitan enterprise. Using the joystick, you can adjust the tilt of the mattress, the operation of the built-in vibration massage system, and the backlight. It is planned that the first such beds will go on sale as early as 2023,” said Vladislav Ovchinsky, head of the Moscow Department of Investment and Industrial Policy.

The "smart" bed has bedside tables that are equipped with wireless chargers and a removable top for a laptop. The Tabula Sense manufacturer has been on the market for over 6 years. So, Muscovites are already using his desks with wireless charging, speakers and coffee heaters to ergonomically equip the work area.

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