VKontakte will allow you to try on the faces of celebrities using deepfake technology

Russian social network VKontakte launched new deepfake technology that will allow users to try on other faces. Among the celebrities whose faces you can try on are musical performers Olga Buzova, Yegor Creed, Niletto, Klava Koka and others.

Users will be able to try on other people's faces in the VK clip editor and a special mini-application. Technologies work on the basis of neural networks, which allow you to transform the user's face into the face of a celebrity and at the same time maintain photorealism. The new feature works almost in real time and has high performance, which will allow you to make over 200,000 deepfake clips daily.

It will be possible to create videos with deepfakes no longer than three minutes in the VK Clips editor, and no more than ten minutes in VK Video. All videos with deepfakes will be marked with a special watermark when exported to other sites, so that you can immediately distinguish them from real celebrities. All videos with deepfakes will be tested and must comply with the rules of the VKontakte network.

Evgeny Fedunenko

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