Victoria Daineko criticized Olga Buzova

Victoria Daineko criticized Olga Buzova

Victoria Daineko criticized the repertoire and stage image of Olga Buzova

Singer Victoria Daineko in the Fametime TV show on the YouTube platform spoke unflatteringly about her colleague Olga Buzova. The artist said that Buzova’s work is “hype and trash”, and, in her opinion, real singers should sing.

Daineko understands that her colleague is a workaholic, and she works hard, but at the same time, the artist is convinced that it is the singers who should sing. The singer called the work of the performer of the hit "Few Halves" "hype and trash", which she does not like. At the same time, Daineko indicated that she knows from other people that Buzova herself is “very cool,” which she does not argue with, noting that she sees her work and believes that it is “very cool.”

A graduate of Star Factory-5 added that Buzova did well, but she “doesn’t like it all,” and she wants to “close her eyes and never see it.” Daineko clarified that many may say that she is simply jealous of a colleague, but she admits that she respects people who work hard, emphasizing that it is “not easy.”

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