Vedomosti: The Ministry of Labor proposed to subsidize the salaries of moving defense industry employees

The Ministry of Labor has offered to compensate for the costs of employees of the military-industrial complex (DIC) who move from other regions of the country. For financial support of such employees, the department proposes to allocate 262,188 rubles to the employer. per person per year. They write about it Vedomosti with reference to amendments to the government's draft on state support.

According to the publication, payments will be made quarterly at 65,547 rubles. in terms of hours worked. The explanatory materials to the draft specify that such measures "significantly reduce the risk of abuse by citizens." The first compensation payments will begin to arrive in 2023.

It follows from the draft resolution that by the end of October, defense industry enterprises need 3,814 workers. The total amount of funds required to attract them will be about 1 billion rubles. To finance this support measure, the Ministry of Labor proposed using the balance of funds for 2022, which are provided for measures to stimulate the employment of certain categories of Russians and lie on the accounts of the Social Insurance Fund.

In October, the Ministry of Labor proposed extending to 2023 a number of state programs to support the labor market, including the organization of temporary and public works, as well as the retraining of employees of industrial enterprises. Federal budget spending on programs during the year will amount to more than 27 billion rubles.

More details - in the publication "Kommersant" "War on unemployment".

Milena Kostereva

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