Top 5 cities for retirement

What Russians think about moving after retirement, what cities they dream of moving to and how they explain their choice.

The survey involved 5,000 people from all regions of the country. As the study showed, more than half of Russians do not even think about moving after retirement. 28% of respondents are categorically against this, and 26% are not yet considering such an option for themselves. At the same time, every fourth (25%) would still like to move to another city.

The top 5 most suitable Russian cities for a comfortable life in retirement include Sochi (23%), St. Petersburg (18%), Anapa (17%), Moscow (16%) and Krasnodar (15%). Kaliningrad (11%), the cities of the Moscow region (10%), Kazan (8%) and Nizhny Novgorod (5%) scored slightly less votes.

Why did people choose these particular cities? The main criterion (one could choose several) was the comfortable climate: 44% of respondents are ready to move for it. The second stimulus is the beauty and well-being of the city (38%), the third is the proximity of the sea, mountains and rich nature (33%), the fourth is the measured pace of life (32%). For 29% of respondents, a well-developed infrastructure of the city is important, for 24% - the opportunity to get a job in retirement and have a good leisure time, for 12% - state programs and subsidies for older people.

Vyacheslav Tsybulnikov, Vice President of Sberbank - Chairman of the Moscow Bank:

“In Moscow, good conditions have been created for people of age: high-quality medicine is available, infrastructure is developed, there are opportunities to continue working in retirement and additional personal development, whether it be education or cultural pastime. That is why every sixth resident of the country would like to move to the capital after retirement.”

Timur Gilyazov, head of SberNPF:

“Our survey showed that retired Russians appreciate comfortable conditions, the opportunity to do what they love and constantly develop. But this usually requires savings. The sooner you start building them, the more you can accumulate. You can save for retirement using targeted tools, and one of the most popular and convenient is an individual pension plan. It allows you to save in a comfortable mode - arbitrary amounts or regularly. These funds are an excellent airbag that will help when moving.”

According to and SberNPF

Photo by Sofia Sandurskaya / Moskva Agency

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