The working group on the special operation proposed to give PMC fighters the benefits of mobilized

The working group on the special operation proposed to give PMC fighters the benefits of mobilized

Anna Kuznetsova, deputy head of the working group on Russia's military operation in Ukraine, proposed extending benefits to the families of private military companies (PMCs) mobilized for the families of contract soldiers. Thus, the parliamentarians intend to form a unified approach to supporting the families of participants in the military operation.

Anna Kuznetsova, whose words are quoted on website of the United Russia party, where she heads the headquarters for humanitarian cooperation, noted that about 50 different measures to support military personnel have been adopted in the Russian regions. However, there are no uniform rules for granting benefits to those who were not called up as part of the mobilization, but entered into a contract with PMCs.

“And then the question is what to do if the participants of the NWO are not mobilized. For example, in a family, one son defends the Motherland in the status of a mobilized one, and the other has a contract with a PMC. One child has a benefit in the kindergarten, and the other does not. We are solving such issues in the regions, but systemic answers are also needed, ”the United Russia website quotes Ms. Kuznetsova.

Working group on mobilization and military operation of Russia in Ukraine was formed December 20, in accordance with the order of President Vladimir Putin. It was headed by First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak.

December 19, 2022 Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin declaredthat the legislative norms relating to the participants in the military operation should also apply to the members of PMCs who died in Ukraine. Note that in accordance with the Criminal Code of Russia, PMCs, as well as the participation of mercenaries in an armed conflict or hostilities, are prohibited.

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