The website of the European Parliament was subjected to a cyber attack KXan 36 Daily News

A group of hackers attacked the website of the European Parliament, stated its chairman, Roberta Metsola, on her Twitter page.

“The website of the European Parliament was subjected to a sophisticated cyberattack,” she wrote.

According to Metsola, a "pro-Kremlin group of hackers" claimed responsibility for the attack. The press secretary of the European Parliament, Jaume Dutsch, explained that we are talking about a DDoS attack. Now experts are working to eliminate the consequences of the attack, he added.

Earlier today the European Parliament accepted resolution recognizing Russia as a “state sponsor of terrorism”. The document, which is advisory in nature and has no legal force, was supported by 494 MEPs, 58 voted against, and 44 abstained. Russia in the document is accused of "delivering strikes on Ukraine in violation of international law."

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova after that suggested recognize the European Parliament as a "sponsor of idiocy".

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