The therapist said that chewing gum leads to four dangerous diseases

Therapist of the Yamal Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention Vera Nazarova in an interview with URA.RU said that the development of chronic gastritis, pancreatitis, diabetes and colitis threatens to misuse chewing gum.

According to her, chewing gum should not be consumed between meals and before meals.

“When a person chews gum, he turns on the entire digestive tract. The stomach, pancreas, small intestine and duodenum begin to secrete juices to digest food. There is no food and the body has to digest its own mucous membrane. Because of this, diseases arise, ”Nazarova noted.

She clarified that during improper chewing of gum, the pancreas begins to release insulin into the blood. At the same time, it is not used due to the fact that there is no utilization taken on the eve of food. This subsequently increases the risk of developing diabetes.

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