The State Duma will consider the introduction of fines for walking dangerous dogs without a leash

The press secretary of the Duma faction of the LDPR, Alexander Dupin, announced the intention of the party members to submit to the chamber a bill on fines for walking dogs of dangerous breeds without a muzzle, leash and collar. Meanwhile, their colleagues from United Russia, as it turned out, have been planning to solve the problem radically for a long time: to introduce administrative liability for the owners of any dogs that have bitten citizens.

The LDPR hopes that they will be able to submit their draft for consideration by the chamber before the end of the year. For improper walking, it is proposed to impose a fine of 1 to 3 thousand rubles, and it is proposed to impose control over the walking process on the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

However, judging by the comment given to Izvestiya by Vladimir Burmatov, deputy head of the Duma profile committee, in the near future it is planned to introduce administrative liability for biting any dogs, and the fine will encourage owners to take this issue seriously - it will reach 200 thousand rubles.

“We do not divide dogs into dangerous or safe, because there are dangerous owners, not dogs. For a negligent owner, any animal can be dangerous, ”Burmatov rightly noted in a commentary to the newspaper.

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